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Empower you product data with Wenture PIM

product information management

Mis on tooteinfosüsteem ehk PIM?

Kui maakeeli kutsutakse PIMi tõe allikaks, siis tarkvaraarendajad tunnevad seda tooteinfo haldamise süsteemina (tuleneb ingl k väljendist PIM ehk product information management).  Mõlemal juhul on oluline teada, et PIM on koht, kust saab täiusliku ülevaate kõigest, mis tootega seondub.

product information management system

How PIM works?

Wenture's Product Information Management (PIM) system streamlines and centralizes product data management for businesses.


Centralizes product data

Collects and stores all product information in one accessible, centralized database, including details on materials, colors, sizes, and other specifications.

Automates data integration

Seamlessly integrates data from various sources, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all platforms and channels.

Enhances data quality

Empowers actual data, improving its quality and usability for marketing and sales efforts.

Multi-channel dynamic updates & data distribution

Distributes accurate, up-to-date product information to multiple sales channels, including e-commerce sites, retail partners, digital catalogs, and in manufacturing or BMS systems. Allows for quick updates and modifications to product information, which are immediately reflected across all sales and marketing channels.

Integrates seamlessly with product configurators

Works in harmony with Wenture Configure, enabling dynamic product customizations and configurations directly linked to the PIM data.

Generates detailed reports

Provides comprehensive analytics and reporting features, enabling better decision-making based on accurate product data and user interactions.
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For you and your partners:

  • Single source of truth: Centralizes product information, eliminating inconsistencies.
  • Seamless integration: Integrates seamlessly with Wenture Configure and third-party systems via APIs.
  • Efficient management back-office: Streamlines administrative tasks, saving time and resources.
  • Unified taxonomy and specifications management: Standardizes product data categorization and material specifications.
  • Streamlined compliance: Centralizes compliance documents and quality certifications, simplifying audits and customer inquiries.
  • Proactive customer feedback loop: Enhances product quality and customer satisfaction through active feedback management.
  • Advanced scalable API: Supports flexible, efficient data exchanges and system expansions.
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Thanks to Wenture's expertise, we've successfully launched our Bauroc digital product catalog as BIM objects for architects and designers on the platform, available in multiple languages. Key strengths of our collaboration include precision, reliability, and adherence to agreements.

Esko Unga, Development ManagerBAUROC AS


Centralized data repository

Acts as the definitive storage for all product information, ensuring data consistency across the organization.

Product management

Supports CRUD operations for full lifecycle management of products. Alongside centralized media storage for images, videos, and documents.

Version control & publishing

Features built-in versioning to track changes and manage drafts, allowing easy restoration and publication of data.

Future-proof architecture

Designed to easily accommodate expansions and integrate seamlessly with various systems including ERP, MES, and other PIM systems.

Store media & documents

Store images, videos, documents, and certifications for easy access. 50GB out-of-the-box storage.

Advanced BI dashboard

Provides a unified view of product statistics through intuitive graphs, diagrams and analytics. Customize to your requirements.

Standardization & validation

Enforces strict validation rules to maintain data integrity and consistency across platforms. Supports CCI classification.

Performance & reliability

Engineered for fast response times and high availability, ensuring robust fault tolerance even under heavy loads.

User-friendly design

A clean interface ensures ease of use, complemented by breadcrumb navigation, search, and filtering.

Security & compliance

Implements JWT-based authentication, role-based access control, and data encryption to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance.

Multilingual support & localization

Offers localization of product data, units, attributes as well as the user interface.

MES, ERP & BMS Integration

Synchronizes data with Manufacturing Execution Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Business Management Systems for cohesive operational planning.

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Standalone PIM



  • Unlimited products, variation, and collections/families;
  • 50GB media storage for images, videos and documents.
  • Up to 20 administrative users;
  • Other capabilities above;
  • Fully documented REST API;
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  • All Standalone PIM features;
  • Unlimited users;
  • 100GB media storage for images, videos and documents;
  • BI dashboard
  • All Wenture Configure PRO features;
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