Solar roof panel configurator: Toode

Wenture helped Toode develop a web-based solar roof panel configurator to automate price inquiries. The self-service portal allows the customer to configure their roof and solar panels, perform an investment return calculation, submit a technical request for the creation of a solar park, and send a structured, informative, and up-to-date price request to the product sales team.

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Start of the project

March 2021

End of the project

September 2022

Project Manager

Kaur Tull


Jekaterina V.
Kerli T.

Solar roof panel configurator


Toode PLC offers a range of roofing materials, including solar panels for buildings.

Client brief

The objective is to simplify the process of ordering roofing and solar panels for customers while reducing the quotation preparation time.

Short description of finished product

Toode approached us with a request to streamline their product ordering process. They observed that their staff were devoting significant time to customer service and that customers lacked a clear understanding of the products they were ordering. To address this issue, the proposed solution involved developing a solar roof panel configurator that would enable customers to generate a quote, input precise measurements and specifications, and seamlessly submit their order to the roofing supplier.

We collaborated with Tulitec to develop a web-based software that provides a visual representation of solar panels on a roof. This customer self-service portal empowers customers to configure their own roofs, place solar panels, estimate their return on investment, request a technical consultation for a solar farm, and send a comprehensive and current quote to the Toode sales team.

The visual aspect of the solar roof panel configurator is a significant feature. It allows customers to explore various wall colors, roofing options, rainwater systems, and solar panel configurations for their specific building type. After inputting the necessary information, the Product Configurator generates a 3D image of the potential order, providing the customer with an idea of the number of panels that can fit on the roof and their placement. This visual representation is highly valued by customers as it makes their goals more tangible and attainable.

Technical solution for the project

The technical solution of this project, the visual model, was developed using Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM is a digital format that allows construction information and processes to be managed efficiently, providing all parties involved, including material manufacturers and builders, with a clear, accurate and real-time adaptable view of the entire construction lifecycle. BIM’s primary benefit is its 3D modelling capabilities, which provide users with a visual representation of infrastructure, buildings and their components.

Adopting BIM offers numerous advantages, including more optimal resource utilization. It can help to speed up the communication process, resulting in lower labor costs, fewer errors, and improved construction scenario planning, which can lead to cost savings on materials and better time management.

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