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Digital construction

Overview of the Hannover Industrial Fair 2024

At the end of April, we attended the industrial fair in Hannover with the Wenture…

The backstory of the configurator: How to simplify the ordering of silencers?

Recently, ETS NORD rolled out a new configurator. It is designed to streamline the ordering…
Digital construction

Kaur Tull: What challenges construction’s digitalization, and how can we tackle these obstacles?

The employees in the construction sector have long been using mobile apps to order food,…

Case study: Configurator for buying solar panels

Buying solar panels might feel like a bit of a headache. When do they become…
Digital construction

Visual programming: automate projects without knowing a line of code

Designers need more and more skills to help automate their work. However, learning traditional text-based…

Product configurator in e-commerce – your free salesperson

In the field of e-commerce, where innovation and personalization are playing an increasingly important role,…
Digital construction

Construction sector must prepare for the arrival of AI

The article was originally published in Äripäev How far are we from an AI…
Digital construction

The development of the Building Register promises faster processing of permits

Estonian IT companies Wenture and Finestmedia are embarking on the next phase of development for…
Digital construction

Game engines in the construction sector – what do construction and video games have in common?

Who would have thought that digital construction and computer games have something in common? However,…
Digital construction

Augmented Reality in Construction: AR Blends Virtual Objects into the Physical Space

What is augmented reality (AR), and how is it used in construction? AR, or augmented…
Digital construction

VR in construction: take a walk in your life-size BIM model

With VR glasses, you can walk around a building that is still in the planning…
Digital construction

Digital twins in construction: Enhancing efficiency and reducing risk

A digital twin is a dynamic virtual replica of a physical building. Digital twins in…

PIM system is the source of truth for the modern enterprise

What is PIM? PIM is commonly referred to as the "source of truth," but software…

The Benefits of BIM – Why Model Building Information?

What is BIM? Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps to manage construction information and processes digitally.…
Digital construction

Insight to online retailer’s role in the UI / UX design

Automation importance on the web A good online presence has become one of the most…
Digital construction

What can a company gain by digitalizing processes?

The untold secrets of digitalization Digitalization has taken the world by storm, as it allows…
Digital construction

WENTURE chats: Sales Engineer Krissi

Next, we introduce you to Krissi, Wenture Sales Engineer. Krissi joined Wenture last summer and…
Digital construction

What Exporting A Country And Its Digital Infrastructure Looks Like

In this article, I am going to look into how the Estonian X-Road is being…

How IPFS Is Challenging The Web As We Know It

A hybrid mobile application for a gig economy startup - facilitate housework and taskers.

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