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Automate your sales cycle with a 3D configurator

What is a product configurator?

3D product configurator enables sellers and manufacturers to offer interactive customizations of their products online. The configurator improves customer engagement and eases the sales process.

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How this works?

Wenture Configure lets customers handle tasks previously done by sales engineers, like gathering project data, combining product options (design), and calculating prices.


Displays your product range

Shows product options in materials, colors,
sizes, and more dimensions.

Gathers customer project details

Requests customer input and calculates product parameters automatically.

Provides visual results

Generates lifelike 3D visuals, diagrams, and product drawings.

Calculates pricing

Calculates product price in real time and prepares it for ordering.

Auto-generates quotes

Sales get auto-generated quotes; engineers receive production-ready drawings.
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For sales

  • Less work for sales and engineering;
  • Fewer quoting errors;
  • See what your customers are doing in real-time;
  • Fast ROI: 3-6 months;

For customers

  • See results in 3D as you customize it;
  • Understand how your choices impact the final product;
  • Know the price before getting a quote;
  • Clearly communicate expectations to merchant;
Starting from 590€

The Wenture Configure solved a problem that had plagued our designers and architects for years – it offered them a complete product portfolio management in a digital package.

AS TOODE - Steel roofs and roofing

Key Features

Looks like your brand

Wenture Configure can be customized to match your CVI. Swap in your own fonts, logos, colors, and other design elements.

Fast BoM & pricing

Show customers price estimates and BoM lists as they configure the products.

Automated quotes

Create quotes automatically to save time for you and your clients.

Endless product list

Configure comes with Wenture PIM (Product Information Management) system. Store an unlimited array of products and their variations.

Project management

Allow clients to create users and manage their projects.

Technical drawings

Automatically generate technical drawings for various use cases.

3D visualizations

Displays products and their configurations as dynamic life-like 3D models that react to user input in real-time.

Real time calculations

Access diverse input fields for all your product parameter calculations.

Smooth integrations

Seamlessly integrate with third-party PIM, ERP, and CRM software.

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  • Custom-tailored UI aligned with CVI;
  • Diverse visualization options, incl BIM and game engines;
  • Seamless integration with PIM and BMS;
  • Support for multitude of products and their variations;
  • Enhanced customization of fields and configurations;
  • Exclusive domain availability;
  • Streamlined BOM export for you and your customers;
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  • All in the Starter package;
  • Unlimited products and variations;
  • PIM system enhanced with comprehensive back office dashboard, integrations with configurator and other systems;
  • Manage inquiries and users effortlessly with a robust back-office;
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Partner Portal

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Transform Configure into a powerful partner portal, enriched with seamless integrations and a comprehensive back-office system. Achieve centralized control over products, sales, orders, and configuration management for you and your partners. Simplify and streamline operations, enhancing management efficiency for all stakeholders, including customers, dealers, and installers.
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