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Automation importance on the web

A good online presence has become one of the most valuable assets for businesses around the world. Offering a service or a product on the web has never been easier, but also extremely difficult. To stay in the ever-changing competition, it takes a lot more than just great advertisement. Whether there are only a hundred, a thousand, or millions of monthly visitors flowing through a business website – the golden rule is to maintain the existing traffic, and to seek out creative ways for growth.

While there are no strict marketing guidelines on how to become the best in your field, websites with strong UI/UX solutions will definitely have an upper hand in any competition. It’s all about the customer interaction with the product/service that will increase the likelihood of a successful lead. Of course, in the long run, it’s the quality and uniqueness of the product/service that matters the most.

The point of this post is to overlook some of the ways in which UI and UX design affect customer satisfaction on the web. Also, what is the importance of custom-developed software, how it helps to keep and increase transactional on-page traffic, and some more. Let’s have a look!

The future is for the consumer


So, what’s the fuzz about UI and UX?

Short answer: UI stands for User Interface. It is the overall visual aesthetics of a website/program/product/service that the consumers engage with. UX stands for user experience, it’s how all the visual and technical elements work together. In a perfect world – seamlessly!

Long answer: While good branding and interfaces are only a part of improved interactivity, there’s much more going on when it comes to satisfying the customers’ needs. A good combination of UI and UX helps to increase conversions, while good branding increases the following. Altogether, they are a part of the whole experience, something we often take for granted.

Great UI/UX also makes the traffic flow more freely. The best example of an effortless traffic flow is where the customer has clear directions while having the freedom to choose between multiple selections. A clear information serving is often all it takes to keep the session fun and light.


When should you invest in UI/UX design?

A common mistake many salespeople do is that they focus solely on selling, and forget the buying part. While both sides are as important, it is the UI & UX that will determine the likelihood of a smooth transition.

The easiest way to tell if your current campaigns need an upgrade or not is to figure out if there’s an easier way of doing things. Is the data serving optimized in the fastest and most efficient way? One of the most popular and efficient examples is the development of automated software in which the visitor can instantly choose the liking to their needs. Whether it’ll be the color of the car or a quick calculation in cost efficiency – every skipped step through automation is a win.

Automated sales funnels and self-serve options are what the customers are already accustomed to. It has become the norm – a bar that’s often raised before the actual need. Hence the reason why it’s not only useful but also crucial to make the process of potentially transactional traffic easy and convenient.


Easy adaptation

The past decade has been a rollercoaster for everyone online. Some enjoy it, others don’t. Adapting to new platforms, keeping up with constant updates, storing multiple passwords – everything forces us to learn about different ways of doing things.

Needless to say, it has affected anyone that offers their products or services online. While the majority of end users are not that tech-savvy, it’s all up to the seller to bring customers on board with confidence.

The level of UI/UX design and automation can make or break a marketing campaign. The ones who invest in customer satisfaction by analyzing data and current trends are naturally inclined to work out a creative solution. Improving the customer experience means counting on a greater chance of success. We are not indicating changes in font size, typography, or background tones, but to a full experience that only custom-made software can offer.


How to improve interactivity?

To improve customer experience, it doesn’t hurt to check out what the top competitors are up to, or simply analyze the current data and feedback. Clear communication between marketers, designers, and developers is the basis of a satisfactory result.

This combination can help find all the visible and invisible bottlenecks which can then be converted into a well-optimized solution. Often, to anyone who deals with something complex or easy –  there’s always a better way of ‘serving’ things. If you can’t come up with a solution, or your creative idea needs good development, feel free to drop us a line or check out our portfolio below!


Time has become valuable on the web

In 2023, online retailers are facing highly saturated markets. It’s because potential customers can easily find alternatives by clicking away once they’re not served the solution they’d prefer. The average time people spend on their smart devices has also constantly increased while the attention span has not.

In most fields digitalization has helped to catch up with demand, and exceeded the supply. Because of that, life’s been made easier for the end consumer. The wide variety of options and alternatives has forced online marketers to raise their automation budgets to keep visitors engaged.


To conclude

Every website owner with existing traffic should make their priority to maximize visitor satisfaction. The more time people stay on the site – the better. When you get visitors to engage by offering something useful, often even making a choice for them by serving all the possibilities in the easiest way possible, the more they feel they’re being heard.

With the increasing rate of online shoppers and transactional traffic online – a good virtual presence has become one of the most important factors to stay in the competition. Every business these days relies heavily on online presence. services include:

  • Software development
  • Information systems & product development
  • Product and business model design
  • Management and process change consulting
  • User interface and experience design
  • BIM & CAD plugins
  • BIM developments & construction information management

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