ETS NORD approached us to streamline the process of ordering ventilation projects for their clients. In response, we created a PIM system, complete with digital twin technology and a configurator, to simplify the product selection and project planning for their customers.

ETS NORD creates complete ventilation solutions for businesses. Among other things, the company manufactures high quality noise absorbers to improve the acoustic environment. Their products can reduce noise levels by up to 50 decibels or more. The silencers are used in power generation, oil and gas, HVAC and many other industries.


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Start of the project

October 2020

End of the project


Project Manager

Kaspar Triebstok, Tormis Lilleväli


Kaspar Triebstok, Serhii Dubovchuk,
Jekaterina V.

PIM system, sales engineer digital twin, and ventilation simulator developed for ETS NORD.

Client brief

With a very wide range of silencers for sale, each suited to different conditions, choosing the right silencer for the right application is a time-consuming job. We were approached by a client who wanted to make the design and ordering of a ventilation system easier. 

Short description of the finished product is a web application where the sales engineer can find exactly the right silencers according to the parameters entered. It has become an excellent tool for sales engineers to optimize sales processes and avoid human errors. 

The calculator takes into account various data indicating the volume in the room that the silencer has to eliminate; the room volume, the decibels and the noise figure (hz). Once the data has been entered, the calculator offers the customer different types of silencers, the range of which can be further narrowed down by searching for the appropriate material, dimensions and connections.

Following these steps, ETS NORD’s calculator is able to calculate a complete project offer for the customer, including the whole system: product information, noise attenuation calculations, drawings and graphs. 

The technical project solution

ETS NORD’s product information system SilencerIQ stores detailed product information, is able to perform physical calculations of noise attenuation and provides the customer with a complete project.

We have used several technical solutions to create such a system:

  • A PIM system, which includes both a database of products with accurate information and files and a data processing logic.
  • E-shop integration, where product information can be easily transferred from the PIM system.
  • A calculation module to help calculate the effective use of silencers.
  • Interfaces with CAD software plug-in to exchange product information between CAD and SilencerIQ.
  • Interfaces with ETS NORI’s existing CRM and ERP systems.
  • User interface where the sales engineer can find the right silencers for his premises.
  • APIs that enable machine readability of data.

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