Empowering Material Manufacturers

Boost Your Sales with a 3D Configurator

Unleash the full potential of your construction materials with interactive online customization. Simplify and enhance your sales process for an unparalleled customer experience.

PIM Capability

Manage product data with precision. The PIM module ensures accurate prices and streamlined BOM statements.

From €399/ month

Accelerate market entry with a private label product, positioning you ahead in the competitive landscape.

High Variability

Handle complex products & variations, ensuring your sales strategy remains flexible and robust.

Game Engine

Pinnacle of visualization – configure products as photorealistic 3D models for a more engaging and compelling interaction.

What is a Product Configurator?

Wentures Configure is a 3D product configurator that enables material manufacturers to offer detailed, interactive customizations of their products online, improving customer engagement and streamlining the sales process.

Beyond Configuration

Elevate your customers’ experience beyond mere colour and basic parameter adjustments. Offer a realm of customization possibilities — from textures and components to an extensive array of product parameters and variations, providing a richer, more engaging user interaction.

Mastering Complex Products

Tackle product complexity with unparalleled ease. Wenture Configure empowers you to craft and combine variations of your main product, no matter the intricacy. Transform even the most complex ideas into user-friendly presentations or engineering drawings, making understanding and engagement a breeze for your customers.

"We’ve unified with Wenture in a synergistic stride towards accelerating our product sales lifecycle. Harnessing the power of their intuitive configurator, avant-garde PIM system, and a robust self-service platform, has been instrumental in refining our sales trajectory.”

Priit Kello

How to Begin?

Transition from Excel-based sales mundanity to a realm where automation meets innovation, encapsulating a configuration process that’s not only powerful but also playful.

1. Initiate with Product Entry

Integrate effortlessly with your existing PIM, utilize our PIM add-on, or sync us with your product pages, ensuring that your catalog is curated and primed for the subsequent stages.

3. Crafting Product Models

Allow us to transform your product catalog into meticulously parameterized models or leverage existing BIM models for enhanced precision.

2. Select Visualization

Embrace flexibility in presentation with options ranging from parameterized images to game engine integrations, BIM, or immersive 3D models. Making it easier for your customers to order.

4. Revolutionize Your Sales

Cultivate an environment where potential clients can tailor products to meet their unique needs, automating quintessentials such as quote generation and order management, enriching customer engagements and conversions.

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Effortless Bidding, Tailored Communication

Navigate the landscape of customer interaction with finesse. Configure seamlessly integrates with your email or BMS system, offering you the flexibility to sell directly or curate personalized quotes. Craft your customer communication in a way that resonates with your unique business approach, empowering you to manage your operations with precision and ease.

Support for PIM System

Centralize and streamline your product data management with our robust configurator. Whether integrating an existing PIM or utilizing the built-in add-on, experience seamless orchestration from initial product setup to intricate detail management. It’s not just support; it’s about enhancing your operational fluidity, ensuring every aspect flows cohesively for a fortified product management ecosystem.

User Management Simplified

Initiate a realm of seamless project continuity and collaboration. Create a user, save the configuration project, and unlock the flexibility to further refine, share, or seamlessly integrate with back-office systems for enhanced management and oversight. Experience simplicity infused with powerful functionality, making user and account management a coordinated symphony of productivity.

Key Features

Visualize in Game Engine

Harness the power of our Configure’s game engine technology, turning your products into dynamic, easily configurable 3D models, enhancing user engagement and experience.

Master Variables with Ease

Navigate through vast variations, input fields, and product configurations effortlessly with Configure, ensuring seamless management regardless of product complexity.

Effortless Quote Exports

User configurations and projects are intuitively saved, facilitating the easy export of BOM statements or price inquiries, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Unleash Product Diversity

Surpass limitations by adding over 100 products and variations. Our system welcomes an unlimited array of products, encouraging a vibrant showcase of diversity and optionality.

Seamless PIM Integration

Connect effortlessly to your preferred Product Information Management (PIM) system or utilize the built-in PIM add-on, ensuring smooth integration with both the configurator as well as your existing systems for streamlined operations.

Tailored to Your Brand

Craft a configurator that resonates with your brand’s essence. Customize to infuse your unique character into every element, from logos and accent colours to button styles, ensuring a consistent and captivating brand presentation.

BIM Model Integration

Sync your BIM models effortlessly, linking product parameters directly to the user interface. Empower users with the flexibility to edit and customize models directly in their browsers for a seamless and interactive experience.

Integration with Essentials

Wenture Configure effortlessly synchronizes with major ERP, CRM, and BMS tools such as Directo, Odoo, Erply, and Salesforce, ensuring a smooth workflow. Results are directly channeled into your BMS as orders or sales requests, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Clear BOM & Pricing

With seamless interlinking between systems, enjoy user-friendly displays of price estimates and Bill of Materials (BOM), enhancing clarity and user experience in navigating product information.




  • Custom-tailored UI aligned with CVI;
  • Diverse visualization options, including BIM and game engines;
  • Seamless integration with existing PIM and BMS;
  • Support for up to 20 products and their variations;
  • Enhanced customization of fields and configurations;
  • Exclusive domain availability;
  • Streamlined BOM export for you and your customers;
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  • all in the Starter package;
  • Embrace the freedom of unlimited products and variations;
  • Equip yourself with a PIM system enhanced with comprehensive back office management capabilities, harmonized for compatibility with various systems;
  • Manage inquiries and users effortlessly with a robust back-office;
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Partner Portal

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Transform Wenture Configure into a powerful partner portal, enriched with seamless integrations and a comprehensive back-office system. Achieve centralized control over products, sales, orders, and configuration management for you and your partners. Simplify and streamline operations, enhancing management efficiency for all stakeholders, including customers, dealers, and installers.
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The Wenture Configure solved a problem that had plagued our designers and architects for years – it offered them a complete product portfolio management in a digital package.

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